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Self-cleaning glass is float glass covered with a special hydrophobic coating that is as durable as the glass itself. It is characterized by a slightly larger mirror effect than ordinary glass and a bluish shade.

The coating decomposes organic pollutants using the process of photocatalysis and UV radiation. Rainfall or water flows down the surface of this kind of glass evenly, removes dirt and leave no streaks or stains. As a result, the glass self-cleans. The coating works even if the glass is very dirty.

Self-cleaning glass can be processed, including tempering and laminating.

Manufacturers: PILKINGTON Polska Sp. z o.o. (ACTIV) Available thicknesses: 4 - 8 mm Activ

Available dimensions:

4 mm
  • 3210x2250
6 mm
  • 3210x2250
8 mm
  • 3210x2250

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