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Lacobel is glass with one layer of a special high-quality varnish that provides resistance to UV radiation. Thanks to this, the product does not fade, and it retains its unique gloss and color. The glossy varnish also protects against damage of various type. You can even write on this glass and use it as a whiteboard.

The Lacobel glass can be processed in a safe way and subjected to cutting, drilling and grinding. We also offer a special kind of Lacobel glass that can be tempered.

The Lacobel glass is perfect for interior design elements. This material is often chosen for kitchen arrangements. It often replaces traditional ceramic tiles above the kitchen countertop or tiles on the walls. Apart from the kitchen, decorative glass also works perfectly in bathrooms. This type of glass is moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Interesting reflections, combined with minimalistic bathrooms, create amazing and original arrangements. This material is also used to create bar and restaurant counters. Lacobel also works in many other places and is also chosen as a wall decoration. The surface of this type of glass is shiny and stands out in matt, static interiors to which it adds life.

Manufacturers: AGC Glass Europe Available thicknesses: 4 mm Fuchsia 4006

Available dimensions:

4 mm
  • 2550x1605

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