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Glass for railings - opt for safety

Do you dream of a glass railing on your stairs, balcony, or terrace? No wonder - such a solution perfectly fits in with contemporary architectural trends, and at the same time allows you to achieve an extremely aesthetic, designer effect. Check out if such a railing is a good choice and find out what glass for railings you should choose in order to have a guarantee of safety.


Is a glass railing a good choice?


There is no doubt that glass railings look very modern. Just take a look at modern skyscrapers or even apartment blocks in new housing estates - there are plenty of glass railings on balconies, as well as many other glass components. This makes the buildings appear much more spacious and the light easily passes through the glass.


However, many people wonder whether glass railings are a good choice - especially when it comes to glazing at stairs or on balconies. It is certainly worth considering the use of glass components- for reasons such as safety or the possibility of achieving an interesting effect.


Safety first


One of the most frequently asked questions concerns safety. This is not surprising - a glass balcony or high staircase can indeed raise some concerns. However, one should be aware that such glazing does not use “ordinary” glass, where a slight impact is enough to break it. Buildings use modern tempered and laminated glass, which is highly resistant to mechanical damage, as well as to temperature changes or heat build-up.


Not just clear glass


Transparent glass for railings allows for a very interesting effect - especially when it comes to open space and an unobstructed view. However, it is worth knowing that such glass does not have to be transparent. Those who appreciate unconventional solutions will certainly appreciate various types of decorative elements, as well as glass in various colours. This is because it is possible to tint the glass in many interesting colours. In this way, glass can easily match the interior design of the staircase or even the colour of the façade. There are even more possibilities - from LEDs to printing graphics between the panes. It's worth taking advantage of them!


Glass railings - which glass to choose?


In most cases, companies that prepare glass for railings offer full support in the selection of glass. This is because the necessary skills and knowledge are required  for finding the right type of glass for a given staircase or terrace. Those interested in installing glass components therefore do not have to select the type of glass themselves. This also applies to the way the glass is installed.


It is important - even at the initial stage - to inform the specialist precisely of your expectations. This will prevent a situation in which - after the glass has been processed - it turns out that it is no longer possible to meet the expectations. Tell us exactly what you need and how you imagine the glass railing, and we will select the type of glass on that basis.


How much does glass for railings cost?


The price of glass for railings depends on a number of factors, such as the size or parameters (number and thickness of individual panes of glass), as well as the method of installation. Obviously, the simpler the form of the railing in question, the lower the price will be. If you care about durability and, above all, complete safety, prices start from several hundred PLN per square metre. Remember, however, that glass for railings is a long-term investment that will keep looking good for a long time.




Glass for railings is an increasingly popular choice, both in commercial buildings and in private homes. Given that such glass is completely safe and also perfectly in line with current interior design trends, it is worth considering glass for railings at the stairs or on the terrace. This will give your interior or building a modern look.

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